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The Truth about Islam

What you need to know before you judge.

Let's start with a simple True/False quiz:

Assumption #1: Islam is a religion based on anger, hatred, and fear.
False: Islam is a religion based on love, acceptance, peace, and respect. Those who practice Islam based on anger and hatred are not true Muslims, but are the terrorists people have learned to call Muslims. On the Day of Judgment they will pay for their crimes.

Assumption #2: Muslim woman have no rights.
False: Muslim women have many rights that until recently weren't even allowed in the Christian churches. Muslim women can and often do have jobs, own businesses, own property, while until the last few hundred years Christian women could only have property in their husband's names.

Assumption #3: Muslim women are treated like slaves.
False: Muslim women are not slaves, and those men who treat them as slaves are not true Muslims. The Prophet Muhammad (may God be pleased with him) often helped his wives cook, clean, take care of the children, and sew, proving that women were not the only ones to work.

Assumption #4: Muslim men can have more than one wife while Muslim women can have only one husband.
True: The reason for this is that statistically there are more women in the world than men, this is especially true after a war. Also, men can only have more than one wife if he can take care of them and treat them equally. No matter how well off a man is he may only have four wives.

Assumption #5: Honor killings are not only acceptable, but recommended and accepted.
False: Honor killings are not at all allowed. Men who kill their daughters and sons because they uncover or because they slept with someone they aren't married to is very wrong. God is the one who has a right to judge those people.

Assumption #6: Muslims don't pray to the same god as Christians.
False: This is so far from true that the first time I heard this I thought they were joking. Christians, Jews, and Muslims all pray to the same God. Yaweh, Dios, Allah, these are all just words for God. In Islam we have 99 names for God, which include Ar-Rahman (The Most Kind) and Ar-Raheem (The Most Gracious).

Assumption #7: Jihad is Holy War.
False: Holy war in Islam is not allowed. Holy war means basically to kill anyone who doesn't have the same beliefs as you, and in Islam we are taught to respect other religions which we can learn from.

Well, that just about covers the most common assumptions about Islam and Muslims. Do Not Compare with Al-Qaeda and The truth of Islam.


99 names of ALLAH




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