I have a dare for you.

If you read this, you might as well keep going and see what you can do to help millions of people by barely doing anything. People in this world need to open their eyes and see what others really think of them and stop judging themselves. I dare you to go in the mirror and tell yourself something u never believed, then tell it to others and tell everyone that you care about that you love them cause u never know which day is your last. Make it all worth your while, give your friends a smile. Dont throw your life away, savor every single day. Treat each day as your best, and fuck all the rest. If you tell your friends to read this, then your telling them that you love them in some way, family, friend, ect. Show some love! If you dont take this dare for me, I understand, but show the world, whow your friend that you really do care. Apologize for the past and make a better future. Try this dare. It barely takes any work and it could mean the world.




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