My Visit to Malacca

hello there stranger!.. i'm BACK!..
lets begin the story.. hehehh

uhmm,Most of all I want to travel all around the world. I want to see new places. It was so long i never went to Malacca since i was in form4, i guess so lar.. yeahh, It was 2 years ago.. Damn, so much fun and so much different developmet!!.. More building to be build!.. i was soo shocked to see the differences.. its just dalam masa 2tahun you know!.. I love travelling so travelling around the whole Malaysia would be a dream come true.. There are so many places I want to visit around Bandar Melaka.. I was very excited and had huge expectations because I had heard a lot positive about Melaka before.. Melaka Maju 2010!.. and here are some photos around Bandar Hilir, Melaka.. and Dataran Pahlawan..

Dataran Pahlawan MegaMall


New Golden Screen Cinemas
(just besides the hotel-Equatorial)

my mom.. :D
Inside the Dataran Pahlawan MegaMall

New building besides the Dataran Pahwalan MegaMall
(A bridge connected to DP Mall)

Taking From DP MegaMall (1)


my mother

Thats Me


Jalan Parameswara


Eye on Melaka and menara Taming Sari


Thats all i have for one day walking around



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Sorry, so long never update my blog!..

do you guys miss me alot?.. lol, i'm just asking.. 

how well,  my schedule was completely busy . Actually busy with my holidays (jkjk) .. just following my father works everywhere.. here now in pasir gudang, next, Melaka, Kedah, and Sabah!..  my mom said, just thank to god larh sbb tuhan dah bagi rezeki kan..  hurm, ouh, what am i thinking right now??..

anw 'holiday' was so great!, kinda meaningful too hahas ! :D..  experience quite a number of new things, watched quite alot of movies, eat countless of fo0d in here, johor right now, gain quite alot of weight (hahah, about 60kilos!).. jk jk jk!.. act yess.. and spent quite alot of MONEY! $$$, DID QUITE ALOT OF HOMEWORK, (i am not a maid)!.. just help my rmom was alone, shes not strong enough to do the homework,  so, i have to!.. even i am a lazy boy.. pity on my mom

if i were to list out what i did for the entire 'holiday', my post will be SUPER lengthy !
it was so great!

next post in Melaka..
see you so0n!

Johor Bahru, is SUPERB CountRY!.. 

i love it



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BunkFace - Soldier

BunkFace - Soldier


You are a soldier
A rising sun
Wait for the heyday
Look far away
And believe in yourself
Your names on a shelf
A legend

You are a soldier
The chosen one
Bring back the heyday
Look far away
With respect and decay
Forever well stay

And singing life is all that we need
But the lies is all that we see
Raise your hands high up in the sky
Missing secrets you will find
In your heart

You are a soldier
Light up the night
We are the soldiers
Well stand and fight
At the end of the day
Together we pray
For the legend (the legend)

Ulang Chorus


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My Beloved Friends

i just wanted to remind you that i love you guys alot and thank god everyday for blessing me with a friend that is just simply amazing. So, when you think there is no one who understands or cares remember that i love you and try to smile always..

My Classmates 5A 2009
  • Daus
  • Faiz
  • Arman Azlan
  • Izzat
  • Romey
  • Salam
  • Ery
  • jidin
  • Izwan
  • Zalikha
  • Azura
  • Nasuha
  • Bedah
  • Alifah
  • Mahirah
  • Farihin
  • Farihah
  • Asmalia
  • Munirah
  • Izu
  • Izi
  • Nadiah
  • Aisyah
  • Syahida
  • Natrah


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I'm addicted to FB

lately, I'm a Facebook addict. I'm completely addicted to Facebook.. There I said it. I'm not trying to make light of the twelve step program, I'm being honest. If you've ever been to Facebook and When I first signed up for Facebook, I was looking for friends I hadn't talked to in ages. I'd check my page once a week, see what's going on in my friends lives. Then I started checking every day. I'd read friend's comment, make comments and re-work my profile all the time. It soon became an addiction. It wasn't uncommon for me to be at my computer for 4 or 5 hours at a time..I had to get on. There was no avoiding it. xder sorg pon leyh halang.. What if someone I knew left me an important message. huh??.. there i said.. very impotant lar.. 

uhmmm....I was young. yeah.. remaja lagi broo, sentiasa on9, dunno what to do.. hurm, I was getting on to connect with my friends and all I was getting was invites to silly games. Another one is Why am I getting these stupid messages from people asking me to poke them!.. ( lo0k blur and silly, when i first sign up) hahahhh, What the heck is Mobsters and Mafia Wars. I even wrote a wall comment about how stupid this was..

Oh ho ho ho! I was not as educated in the ways of Facebook as I once was. After several months of getting back into the habit, I soon realized that these comments were invites to play games  and do other kinds of applications on Facebook. Whatever. That's not what I do. Or is it! I somehow got roped into the Ponzi application. I love working at office. For those of you who are Facebook virgins or even newbies, this application allows you to send Perks application, create your own office after completing the job and have team members to help you grow your office and make money from them. Whenever you do this, the creator of the application is supposed to help you in business marketing.. hahahhh, maybe.. it just a game, lol!.. this application makes me addict to Facebook.. perhaps.. maybe.. mungkinkah.. agaknya.. -_-'

thats all for now..

thanx for wasting of your time to read this..
sorry.. heheh



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The True Meaning Of Friendship

There is no
greater blessing
than an
who's there in
times of trouble
and on whom we can depend.

A friend who knows our every mood
And brightens cloudy days,
One who's slow to criticize
But quick to offer praise.

There is no greater blessing
Than a friend who always cares,
One who will remember us
In daily thoughts and prayers.

Thank you for your friendship! Love from 



Go0d Morning!


Selamat pagiii,,, Awali pagimu dgn secangkir rindu, seteguk kebahagiaan, sepiring cinta dan sesuap kasih sayang, iringi langkahmu dgn sedikit senyuman, dan penuhi hari2mu dg kebaikan



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Add 'em up out loud!


i'll bet you came up with 5,000

TRY AGAIN   !! smile.jpg smile image by midget-cricket-x


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Party AT Primula Hotel!

ehem, salam 
ok, kali nih cg Nora(cg BM) pulak yang belanja kami semua makan!.. Kali nih dekat Hotel Primula Beach Resort, K. Terengganu.. Wahhh, pasti menarik punyer!.. Actually, cg da janji da pown be4 SPM lagi spe2 dpt A+/A/A- lam subject BM, cg nk blanje kat hotel!.. hahahh, Finally.. when the result come out, we all got A in Bahasa Melayu!.. waaaa, epy giler.. time tuh igt kat janji2 cg nora jea.. hehehh, smpaikan satu kelas nk cari cg sebab nk tnye biler cg nk blanja?!.. hahahh.. best giler waktu tuh.. then, lpas 2,3 mggu lpas result kuar.. uhm, sbelom cg nora blanja kitaorg, cg math, rosmawati da blanja kitaowg dlu.. hehehh, ape lagi.. kawan aku nih nme dy ery, slalu pegi skolah an, dy pon agknye ar jumpe cg nora ker tak taw ar cam ner citer dy.. tiba2 dpt msg ery kate 'cg nora nk blanja makan kat hotel primula jumaat nih pkol 3.00, lpas solat jumaat ar kiranya.. aku pon forward jer lar mcj yg dy bg tuh.. hahhh, xsabar gile nk gi mkan.. lpas solat jumaat tuh kitaowg pon pegi lar kat hotel tuh.. cg nora da smpai dulu sbelom kitaowg smpai.. smpai jea, trus masok and makan!.. like coffee house gitu.. makan lar puas2 smpai kenyang!.. huhu..ok kat bawah nih ader gmbar sket.. sket jea xbnyk pon.. tgk arh~~



time for makan!

makan lagi and makan!

ish, daus orang tgh makan pon nk bagi ceramah.. hahah

group table farihin!

sesi Bergambar pulak

Barisan belakang: Ain Natrah, Munirah, Faidhi, Ery
Depan: Syahida, Cg Nora, Farihah

suka2 jer edit nih.. haahah, lawa pulak si ALIEN2 ni kan..

OK, itu jer yang ader(copyright)- farihin, nasuha



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My Fav Song !

Semangat baru
Perjuangan yang satu
Dan matlamat hidupku
Hanya untukmu
Tapi keadaanmu

Berikan aku
Berikan aku satu petanda
Prasangka aku kalah (*lagi)
Rasa resah jangan kau percaya
Dalam hatimu (dalam hatimu)
Rasa resah jangan kau percaya
Kata hatimu (kata hatimu)
Wo.. Oh..
Persepsi diri 
ada maksud sendiri
dan propaganda ku rasa 
luar biasa
(ulang *)



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My skolah, asrama SMKKMT


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Semakan Matrikulasi

Semua pelajar Lepasan SPM 2009 yang telah membuat permohonan Program Matrikulasi Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia boleh mengetahui keputusan permohonan mulai 16 April 2010 ini.

Semakan boleh dibuat melalui:

Laman web rasmi Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia dengan memasukkan (No. Kad Pengenalan dan Angka Giliran SPM) atau
Sistem Pesanan Ringkas (SMS) dengan menaip perkataan MOE><MAT><NO KP (pelajar) dan dihantar ke talian 15888 atau
Talian bantuan Bahagian Matrikulasi 03-8884 4100 juga boleh dihubungi untuk mengetahui keputusan rasmi permohonan bermula pada16 April 2010 dari jam 08.30 pagi hingga 04.00 petang (hari bekerja sahaja).


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Semakan Kemasukan ke IPTA 2010/2011

Semakan Keputusan Permohonan Kemasukan Ke IPTA Sesi Akademik 2010/2011 :
>> Lepasan SPM/Setaraf : Awal Mei 2010

arhhh, tidak!.. i hope dpat masok coz ipta is very intersting lar.. suasana msti laen dari yang laen, hahah, xmacam skolah.. lo0k fun bila dpt masok u!.. heheh..
hope giler dpt masok u..



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Jamuan De Sri Wangsa, Gong Badak

Assalamualaikum.. and salam sjahtera
ok, jamuan ni dah lma agak2 dalam 25/3.. aah, btol ar, kat gmbar tuh ader tulis kan.. hahahh, ok..Jamuan nih cg blanja sebab ktaorg dpt A+/A/A- dalam math.. nma cg tuh uhm Pn. Rosmawati.. dy lar yang blanja kami smua.. ok lar restaurant cg tempah tuh, mkan di pon leyh tahan sedap.. cuma uhmm, cuma cuma, uhm, ikan ntah pape ntah keras nk mmpos, smpai nk patah gigi gigit ikan tuh, tapi xper, da lapar punyer hal bukan kesah sgt pon, keras tak keras, mkan gak an!.. hahahh.. da lma xmkan ngan kawan2.. windu pulak, time tu larh first kitaorg jumpe and kumpul ramai2 makan sma2.. first time jmpe lpas SPM!.. punye larh lma.. hurm, windu tuh tetap ader an, spe xwindu ngan kawan baek smua.. bkn snang nk jumper lagi pas nih kan..lpas nih smua bawak hal masing2.. ishh, gd luck ar eyh korng menempuh hidup mendatang.. huhu, k larh.. kat bawah nih ader gmbar kengan msa reunion ari tuh.. tengok larh yer~

Ery dan Saya (faidhi)

haahhhah, smua tgah siap2 nak makan, pewot dah berbunyi!..

haaa, ni lar dy ikan yang sya mksudkan tadi.. punyer larh keras, agaknyerlpas goreng2 bnyk kali tuh yang keras tuh kot.. ikan pe ntah.. lapar punyer pasal, makan jer larh!..

hahahh, time for makan!.. tp gmbar nih dah abes makan nyer.. huhu.. wahh, ery makan ekor ikan ngan kepala ikan skali dy kebas.. patot ar sihat sgt ery.. heheh

suka aper tuh ery?.. ohh, mkan ekor ikan rupernyer.. hahahh

makan jangan tak makan!

group table kitaorg ar nih.. huh, licin tu beb!.. lapar sgt, skang da kenyang.. hahah

sekarang acara sesi bergambar pulak, hehe, nk bwat kenangan lar kate kan.. SMILE!
DARI KIRI BELAKANG: Farihah, SAYA(Faidhi), Ery, Salam, Daus, Abe jat, Azura
Kiri TENGAH: Syahida, Ain natrah, Cg Normaliati, Cg Rosmawati, Uztazah Normalia, Munirah, Nasuha
Kiri Depan: Izu, Zubaidah, Izi, Nadiah, Epah, Asmalia, Pehin..


Cikgu-Cikgu, uhm yang kiri ngan kanan skali tuh bkn cg, menumpang jer tuh, nk interprem gak..

ok, itu jer gmbar2 yang saya ader amik dari kawan gak sbenarnye, hahahh.. hurm, yang ini jer ade.. ok larh, smpai sini jer stakat nih.. nanti saya bwat lagi ok!.. oppss, lupa nk ucap time kasih kat cg.. hehehh, TERIMA KASIH CIKGU!..



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