I have passed my driving test!

What Happened!?,

But the problem is now i am to nervous to drive!.. Urghh, well, i am 17 years old teenage boy turn 18 this coming Dec who has a nice life. I am a worrier, always have been over slightest thing i go into a panic!. I have always wanted to drive, but things in life prevented me from taking lessons. I really hate that. Trying to drive but no confident. Being a nice boy, not a girlY either. SERIOUSLY!. It would be better  if i change, be more relax and self confident and also be matured right!?. That all takes time and practice and that the few things happened it just from non experience and of course my driving/parking will get better if i have self confident.





5ye-dee said...


SonnyKazu said...

dun worry too much!

when you're driving dun be too nervous. You can do it man! :D

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