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iPhone 4 Release Date Announced ‎Update: Apple has just announced thatiPhone OS 4.0 (which has been renamed to iOS 4) will be launched on June 21.

Apple [AAPL] will be releasing iOS 4, formerly known as iPhone OS 4.0 on June 21. It will be a free upgrade to all users. iOS 4 will be made available on the iPhone 3GS,iPhone 3G (with some features missing) and the iPod Touch (not 1st gen model). As previously mentioned, iOS 4 will not be available for the Apple iPad until later this year.

When made available you’ll be able to download it from iTunes when you sync up your phone. We are in the process of creating a list of all the features that will be included in iOS4 and what it will bring to your iPhone 3GS and 3G and what the differences are, ie – what will be missing on the 3G version.
Earlier today Apple [AAPL] announced iPhone OS 4. In the presentation they said the iPhone OS 4.0 release date was to be summer while the Apple iPad will get it in the fall, a few months later.
Reasons for the iPad delay are still unknown although we suspect they are tweakingiPhone OS 4.0 for the iPad to work things a little differently such as how the multitasking tray works.
With Apple only specifying summer as the iPhone OS 4.0 release date, that obviously puts it somewhere in June, July or August. We currently believe that the next geniPhone (aka iPhone 4G or iPhone HD) is going to be announced early in summer, so we suspect that the iPhone OS 4.0 will be released along with the next gen iPhone.
Of course many people will be waiting for the update and an exact date, but unfortunately we just don’t know it yet. However, as soon as we do find out we’ll post an update to keep you in the loop.
The new iPhone 4 arrives on June 34th in Two awsome selections.
1. for $199 (16 GB)
2.$299 (32 GB)
One thing I really loved about the new iphone was it’s video support and It’s slick new glass front and back.  They better not dissapoint us





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