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I'm addicted to FB

lately, I'm a Facebook addict. I'm completely addicted to Facebook.. There I said it. I'm not trying to make light of the twelve step program, I'm being honest. If you've ever been to Facebook and When I first signed up for Facebook, I was looking for friends I hadn't talked to in ages. I'd check my page once a week, see what's going on in my friends lives. Then I started checking every day. I'd read friend's comment, make comments and re-work my profile all the time. It soon became an addiction. It wasn't uncommon for me to be at my computer for 4 or 5 hours at a time..I had to get on. There was no avoiding it. xder sorg pon leyh halang.. What if someone I knew left me an important message. huh??.. there i said.. very impotant lar.. 

uhmmm....I was young. yeah.. remaja lagi broo, sentiasa on9, dunno what to do.. hurm, I was getting on to connect with my friends and all I was getting was invites to silly games. Another one is Why am I getting these stupid messages from people asking me to poke them!.. ( lo0k blur and silly, when i first sign up) hahahhh, What the heck is Mobsters and Mafia Wars. I even wrote a wall comment about how stupid this was..

Oh ho ho ho! I was not as educated in the ways of Facebook as I once was. After several months of getting back into the habit, I soon realized that these comments were invites to play games  and do other kinds of applications on Facebook. Whatever. That's not what I do. Or is it! I somehow got roped into the Ponzi application. I love working at office. For those of you who are Facebook virgins or even newbies, this application allows you to send Perks application, create your own office after completing the job and have team members to help you grow your office and make money from them. Whenever you do this, the creator of the application is supposed to help you in business marketing.. hahahhh, maybe.. it just a game, lol!.. this application makes me addict to Facebook.. perhaps.. maybe.. mungkinkah.. agaknya.. -_-'

thats all for now..

thanx for wasting of your time to read this..
sorry.. heheh





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