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Sorry, so long never update my blog!..

do you guys miss me alot?.. lol, i'm just asking.. 

how well,  my schedule was completely busy . Actually busy with my holidays (jkjk) .. just following my father works everywhere.. here now in pasir gudang, next, Melaka, Kedah, and Sabah!..  my mom said, just thank to god larh sbb tuhan dah bagi rezeki kan..  hurm, ouh, what am i thinking right now??..

anw 'holiday' was so great!, kinda meaningful too hahas ! :D..  experience quite a number of new things, watched quite alot of movies, eat countless of fo0d in here, johor right now, gain quite alot of weight (hahah, about 60kilos!).. jk jk jk!.. act yess.. and spent quite alot of MONEY! $$$, DID QUITE ALOT OF HOMEWORK, (i am not a maid)!.. just help my rmom was alone, shes not strong enough to do the homework,  so, i have to!.. even i am a lazy boy.. pity on my mom

if i were to list out what i did for the entire 'holiday', my post will be SUPER lengthy !
it was so great!

next post in Melaka..
see you so0n!

Johor Bahru, is SUPERB CountRY!.. 

i love it





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