Very Sad Story about love

He made her jealous 

On purpose he tried,

Apabila perempuan tu tanya, "Do you love me?"

On purpose, budak laki tu tipooo.

He played with jelousy...

macam satu permainan,

Little did he know,

Things would never be the same,

His plan was working,

But budak laki tu xde clue,

How wrong things would go,

The damage he would do...

One night, perempuan tuh patah hati,

Feeling very alone...

Just her and a blade,

Tiada siapa di rumah.

Pempuan tuh call him,

He answered, "Hello?"

She told him she loved him, 

Then hung up the phone.

Budak laki tuh pergi kat umah pempuan tu,

Just a minute to late.

He found her lying in blood,

Jantung sudah tdiak berdegup.

Sbelah dia ader note, 

In it, her confession,

Her love for this boy,

Her only obsession.

Sambil budak laki tuh baca,

Dia terduduk dan mengangis.

He grabbed her knife,

That night, they both died. 

She was found in his arms,

Kedua2 nya mati.

Under her note,

His handwriting said,

"I loved her so,

She never knew,

All this time, i loved her, too."

Life is important, as we all say, or is

Life just a game you all play? 





semut lelabah said...

alololo,.. sedihnye faidhi ooo.. cerite betul ke?

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